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About Us

The University of Waterloo Finance Association (“UWFA”) is the University of Waterloo’s largest finance association, dedicated to fostering an environment which encourages and enhances student interest in the financial services industry. The Association aims to introduce new students to finance, facilitate networking opportunities between members and the industry, and develop students’ knowledge applicable outside of the academic setting.

In the next 5 years, the UW Finance Association intends to increase the number of UW graduates who work in the finance industry. We hope to do this through several offerings, including workshops, stock pitch competitions, networking events/opportunities, networking and interview preparation sessions, and various tutorials to teach students how to use tools like data tools and Excel. We also aim to engage more UW alumni working in the finance profession, and provide them with more opportunities to give back to their alma mater. Through dynamic student engagement and facilitation of a deep co-op and alumni network, the UW Finance Association aims to increase awareness of the opportunities in finance at the University of Waterloo.